Auto Lock Out

Locked Your Keys in the Car?

Locked Your Keys in the Car?

Don't worry - we provide convenient lock-out services in Charlotte, NC

Worldclass Roadside Services LLC provides vehicle unlock services for most types of cars, trucks and vans in the Charlotte, NC area. As long as your vehicle doesn't use a proprietary locking mechanism (common in luxury cars), we can unlock it for you. Best of all, we'll get the door opened in under five minutes!

We'll take extra care not to damage your vehicle in any way. Contact us today for reliable lock-out services at a competitive price.

3 quick and easy steps to getting back inside your vehicle

What can you do when you've locked your keys in your car? Our vehicle unlock services make it easy:

  • You call to let us know that you're locked out of your car
  • We arrive at your location quickly, typically within 30 minutes
  • We use wedges and other locksmith tools to unlock your car

Call today to learn more about our convenient lock-out services.